I'm an 18 year old student with a passion and a penchant for music. I started reviewing after recognizing that I needed an outlet to write and that I enjoyed breaking down the subjectivity of listening to something a little bit more objective.

Anyone visiting, feel free to leave comments, questions, or critiques on any of the posts here. I should be very responsive on this site and would love to offer any clarification that could help out.

If you enjoy my reviews and have any headphones that you'd like to let out to me for review, I have an email listed under the contact page, and I'd be happy to work out terms for any loaners or otherwise. Generally speaking, I've found that diminishing returns in terms of review for listening time on headphones set in after about two weeks, although it is nice to be able to audition a set for a few months to confirm those thoughts post-review (leaving the time for updates and revisions). By then, I have a good feel for the finer details of any given set of cans and can offer as much as is reasonable in the way of commentary. Beyond that, I've found that more time doesn't yield much in the way of information.

Thanks for stopping by!