Flexound's HUMU

This review has been, quite literally, months in the making. That's mainly my fault, as a result of all of the time-management troubles that I've detailed at length, here, in the past. Regardless of that, though, I'd love to jump into my first official speaker review, although it may be a bit of stretch to put this product in such a conventional category.

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One Year Anniversary!

It's been a year since the first official post on this page. Although that's technically not the accurate date, since I had to repost a few of my first reviews for format and platform changes, this still feels more like the milestone to me.

I'm going to try my best to not overstate anything in this post - I'm still, like I was when I started, some relatively two-bit blogger with a few thousands readers a month. But, this feels a little unique to me for a couple reasons.

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Headroom Ticket Giveaway!

A PR representative for Headroom's show in London reached out to me and offered me five tickets to give away to my readers. I highly recommend checking out the Indulgence Show's website, which has a lot more information about exactly who will be there - it's a long list. Below is an image that features all of the main companies that will be in attendance.

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An Interview with Sahil Diwan, of SafKan

I came across a product recently that looked interesting, on the face of it. It looked like a pair of headphones, but with protruding nozzles that would go directly into the user’s ear canals. This was SafKan’s yet-to-be-released automated ear cleaner - the OtoSet.

Now, there are many things that appear as interesting as this did to me, but the reality is that the majority of them are relatively untested, unproven, junk products. I wanted to find out whether this was the case for the OtoSet, so I reached out to them, looking to speak with someone about the product and get a little bit more background about what it is that SafKan is making here.

The following interview is a combination of summary of conversation and direct quotation of Sahil Diwan, SafKan’s co-founder and CEO.

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HeadFi Meet in San Francisco

I spent about 4 hours perusing the stands at San Francisco's HeadFi Meet today, and I did a lot of listening; I came home with about 18 pages of notes from my time there.

I'd like to immediately preface this post with the following: all of the impressions and thoughts here are based on anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes of listening. Although I did my best to take down somewhat stream-of-conscious style notes, I will admit that with that much exposure to that much variety in a short 4 hours, my ears did get a little bit fatigued.

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Purist Audio Design 30th Anniversary USB Cable

Here we go. I received this cable a couple months back. I made an impressions post a few days after I got it, detailing both USB as a standard, and my current experience with it. I received a little bit of backlash, both for a small clerical error I made, and some stating that the only thing I should have said was that cables don't change sound.

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