An Interview with Sahil Diwan, of SafKan

I came across a product recently that looked interesting, on the face of it. It looked like a pair of headphones, but with protruding nozzles that would go directly into the user’s ear canals. This was SafKan’s yet-to-be-released automated ear cleaner - the OtoSet.

Now, there are many things that appear as interesting as this did to me, but the reality is that the majority of them are relatively untested, unproven, junk products. I wanted to find out whether this was the case for the OtoSet, so I reached out to them, looking to speak with someone about the product and get a little bit more background about what it is that SafKan is making here.

The following interview is a combination of summary of conversation and direct quotation of Sahil Diwan, SafKan’s co-founder and CEO.

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