Sony's WF-1000X

The moment I saw these released, I emailed my Sony representative. I have been waiting al long time for a truly solid entry into the "fully wireless" IEM market. There have been many, too many, erroneous products in this market for years, without one that really works, until Apple's AirPods. But still, those remain earbuds, and have many of the flaws inherent to the form factor (see: boomy bass, spiky treble, some general unrefined-ness). But, after my review of the MDR-1000X, and general exposure to Sony's philosophy towards headphones, I had some level of faith that these would be executed well. After a couple months of waiting for the US office to get some in stock for review, I got my pair. Although they are by no means perfect, they are much more than good enough for this form factor, and I'll break down exactly what I mean below.

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