Time Alone with the Sennheiser HE-1

Man, am I incredibly excited to get to write this post. A number of absurdly fortunate events conspired to allow this to happen - in the end of my time in China this summer, my friend (Kyle, actually! An editor here) and I have been traveling miscellaneously, a bit. The penultimate stop before heading back to the States was Shanghai.

While we were in Shanghai, we got to wandering. There's a lot to the city, not even a small percentage of which we explored during the short, three-day trip. On one outing, our first day, we walked past a very large, reasonably well-known hotel in the city - The Peninsula. As we circled around it, I looked across the street and saw, in their lobby level, a Sennheiser store. What a coincidence! We decided to stop in.

As I walked in, directly in front of me are not one, not two, but five HE-1s. All in glass cases.

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