State of the Site

It's been a while since I've just talked about the state of the site and given my apparent disappearance for the past two months or so, I feel an update is warranted.

This summer has been a wild ride for me. I've spent most of it working under a professor at a university in China. I came with my roommate for an internship, mine being composed mainly of research at the intersection of machine learning and next-generation sequencing in genetics. It has been both very interesting, very rewarding, and very demanding. For anyone reading, if you've got any questions you'd like to throw at me, I'd be more than happy to answer what I can.

As a result, I've had much less free time than I'd like and, somehow, functionally even less than I do during the academic year. I've taken along with me iFi's xDSD (the review for which will be published 4 hours after this post is) and Campfire Audio's new IEM, the Comet. The review for the latter is all finished up and should be published next Friday at noontime.

I've got Flexound's HUMU waiting for me back at home, and I'll be headed back on the 17th of this month. Spoiler alert: I've absolutely loved what time I've thus far spent with that product, although it falls into the otherwise empty category of Bluetooth speaker/pillow, so I admittedly have few meaningful, direct comparisons to make. However, it is certainly the most unique device that I've yet been sent and I was honestly shocked how wonderful the experience of using the product is. But I'll get to all that in greater detail in the full review, which should hopefully be published on the 27th of July.

That's a bunch of minutiae, but I just want to give a little bit of detail into exactly what's been going on and why the site has been a bit vacant the past couple months.

Speaking more to long-term plans, I do want to continue doing what I do here. I hope that, for my regular readers, you enjoy my writing and my perspective on what I'm sent and that, if that's the case, you continue to.

I'm looking to regularize my posting more strictly, and am currently aiming for a new review every two weeks, although there should be one published per week for the next three. That may change dependent both on how my time ends up being wrangled and on which organizations are interested in sending me products for review. But, if it does, I'll be sure to update here, and will do everything in my power to avoid massive gaps like this last one.

As an aside and a final note, I'm going to relink the Q&A form from the One Year Anniversary post, simply because I really do want to make an effort to engage with you guys as my readers and am open to talking about (pretty much) any aspect of me through that avenue. It just seems like something fun and interesting, aside from being relatively simple to do.

Best, and thanks for reading!