One Year Anniversary!

It's been a year since the first official post on this page. Although that's technically not the accurate date, since I had to repost a few of my first reviews for format and platform changes, this still feels more like the milestone to me.

I'm going to try my best to not overstate anything in this post - I'm still, like I was when I started, some relatively two-bit blogger with a few thousands readers a month. But, this feels a little unique to me for a couple reasons.

For those of you who don't know anything about me as a person, beyond my reviews, there's actually some pretty interesting context. Even for those that have been with me from the start (if there are any), I don't think I've ever given how this all got started for me.

I got a very nice pair of headphones as a gift about a year and a half ago - the Audeze iSine 20, which was brand new at the time. I had them in my hands and in my ears for a few months, rotated out with a pair of Xiaomi Piston 3's and Zero Audio Carbo Tenores. The iSine were a huge jump up for me, and I spent a ton of time listening to them.

I'm a relatively STEM-oriented person, and it's always been that way. But, I had always liked writing - I just didn't like the essays that were given in school, and I never really had an impetus to write on my own. I had read a bunch of reviews on the iSine, and eventually some other headphones as well (I think I could pretty fairly consider the iSines as the start of this now-developed interest in headphones).

So, I wrote a few reviews, of what I had at hand at the time, which were the first three original posts on the site. But, about a month before they ended up here, they were in a Word doc and on reddit. Feedback was pretty positive towards it, and I thought, "Why not?" So, that Word doc ended up in the inbox of a rep for Sennheiser, and a couple weeks later, a pair of HD 598's ended up on my doorstep.

However honestly shocking that seemed to me in the moment, it spiraled and spiraled, and here we are now.

I think that story is part of why I have a strangely nostalgic perspective (as I'd imagine was legible) on what is genuinely not that big of an achievement, website-wise.

But all that pretext aside, here's a couple stats, just for the sake of them:

Average Words per Audio Review: 1482

Average Words per Album Review: 631

Average Words per Impressions (R.I.P.): 433

Total Words: 87,414

Average Words per Month: 7284.5

Also, I'll be running a Q&A at some point, if there's any interest, so feel free to put questions in the Google Form below! There's a section for feedback, so for anyone who has thoughts on things that you feel I could do better or change for the better, feel free to let me know!

As a final note, the site will likely be a little bit vacant for a couple months from now. I'm spending the majority of my summer in Nanchang (CN) on a research internship, the details of which I do not yet fully have. But, I should be back in early July, and will have much more consistent content out from then through the remainder of this next year!