Impressions: Noble Dulce Bass UIEM

Noble sent me their bass-tuned IEM for review as I wait to buy one of their customs, and I've had it for the past four days.


I'm still refining my opinions as they are fairly rudimentary right now, but good god do these render bass like nothing else I've ever heard in an in-ear. The sheer quantity would be worthy of accolades, but the quality is where they really shine. The depth, extension, and precision are all top of the line. I regret writing so sensationally, but these really have stunned me with their bass presentations. They aren't just fast, or just responsive, or just punchy, they (at least from what I've heard thus far) embody everything I'd look for in a basshead-level sound signature.

Beyond just the bass, I've found that all around, these miss very few marks, as they should for $700. Their imaging is distinct and commendable, with each and every instrument or sound source placed specifically separate from others, without coming across as disjointed or messy. The soundstage isn't massive by any means, but it is wider and deeper than most IEMs I've heard, which works beautifully in conjunction with their imaging to produce a very satisfying image of the music.


Mids, although slightly recessed, are well-rendered, lush, and dynamic. The level of detail presented is a huge benefit, as I've found myself noticing new details in recordings that I've listened to for years, which was particularly exciting. The treble is slightly forward, and can be a little bit stringent at times, but I've found it to be generally inoffensive, and very detailed (in concert with the other ranges). If anything, I'd describe the treble as bright, although I certainly wouldn't describe the whole sound signature that way.


These headphones were provided to me for review by Noble. I am not being paid by anyone to write this review, to endorse the product reviewed, or for the content that I put in the review.

These headphones were powered by an Astell&Kern AK Junior, a Google Pixel, a Neurochrome HP-1, a JDS Labs EL Stack, and by whatever soundcard is in the motherboard of my computer.

I have had these headphones for about a week and a half, and I have put about 15 hours of analytical listening time through them during that period.

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