Impressions: Cascadia Audio Talos

Cascadia Audio provided me with a review unit of their modification of the Fostex T50RP MkIII, and I've been listening to them for the past week or so.

The first point I'd like to make with these impressions is actually the first thing I noticed once these were on my head. They are obscenely comfortable. The hybrid pads that they use are deep and sit pleasurably around the ears, pretty much perfectly distributing the weight of the headphone. The suspension strap that Cascadia Audio has added allows the weight to rest more evenly on the head, and I would be hard pressed to find anything about these, comfort-wise, that I did not like.

I think that Cascadia has achieved a good balance between neutral and colored sound, slightly raising the bass and treble ranges, but not so much as to push the mids back too far. Some vocals, both male and female, can sound a little bit veiled on some tracks, but that hasn't commonly been an issue thus far. The bass is punchy and responsive, which makes sense, given their planar driver, and the treble manages to retain its airiness and focus very well. These are a very musical set of headphones, without straying too far from neutral as to become unusable for certain applications where more neutral and resolving capabilities are required.

I've heard many gripe about the cable insertion on these headphones, as it utilizes a unique locking design, but I haven't had an issue thus far. Simultaneously, I am usually not the type to accidentally rip headphones off of my head, so for those that are, this may be an issue. Included are two cables, one short, terminating in an 1/8" auxiliary plug, and the other long, terminating in a 1/4" auxiliary plug. Both are straight and pliable, and I have had no issues of note with either.

I'll have more on sound and design in my full review, but I have very much enjoyed my time with these thus far, and believe that I will continue to over the course of the review period.


These headphones were provided to me for review by Cascadia Audio. I am not being paid by anyone to write this review, to endorse the product reviewed, or for the content that I put in the review.

These headphones were powered by an Astell&Kern AK Junior, a Google Pixel, a Neurochrome HP-1, an iFi Pro iCan, and by whatever soundcard is in the motherboard of my computer.

I have had these headphones for about a week, and I have put about 35 hours of analytical listening through them during that period.

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