Impressions: 1More's Triple Driver

1More sent me their Quad and Triple Driver IEMs, and I have the helpful opportunity to provide both a direct comparison between the two and full reviews on both. However, having only had these for about a day, these are only some rough impressions.

Much like their Quad Driver, I'm a fan of the design of their Triple Driver. I received the black and bronze coloring, which I think looks great. They aren't loud, but they aren't a matte black shell with no discernible shape. The IEMs use 2 balanced armature drivers and 1 dynamic driver, with a small port for the dynamic driver on the face of the shell that faces into the concha.

The cable leaves the headphones through a straight, metallic rod. Until the Y-split (again, like the Quad Driver, which rests around my sternum), it is rubber coated. After the Y-split, the cable is fabric coated. It's not very microphonic, but it can generate a bit of noise upon movement. It terminates in a TRRS 1/8" connector, with the "S" being used for microphone controls which, again, work well with my Pixel. Just like the Quad Driver, the Triple Driver has an impedance of 32 Ω and a sensitivity of 99 dB/mW. This makes my job just a bit easier, as I can use the identical outputs of Chord's Mojo to (as directly as I can) A/B test these two headphones.

Again, and I hate to so continually reiterate this, just like the Quad Driver, these headphones come with a tremendous set of accessories. 9 ear-tips (6 silicon, 3 foam), branded and quality airplane adapter and shirt-clip, and a hard-shell synthetic leather case (that is actually exactly identical to the case for the Quad Driver).

The headphones seem to be fairly V-shaped, but their mids still appropriately present vocals of both genders, without causing them to be distant and far-off. The bass is satisfying, but can be a little bit slow at times. It never becomes sloppy though, thankfully. The mids are very natural, presenting instruments with faith to source and good detail. The highs are not astronomical, but extend well and don't seem congested or fatiguing.

I'd like to point out that these impressions are cursory and any opinions here may change over the course of the review period, as I have seen that in the past. The full review will be more fleshed out and a better indication as to my full experience with the headphones.


These headphones were provided to me for review by 1More. I am not being paid by anyone to write this review, to endorse the product reviewed, or for the content that I put in the review.

These headphones were powered by an Astell&Kern AK Junior, a Google Pixel, a Neurochrome HP-1, an iFi Pro iCan, a Chord Mojo and by whatever soundcard is in the motherboard of my computer.

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