iFi Audio's Retro Stereo 50

So here it is - my first speaker review! I finally convinced someone that my scribblings on their speakers, even if not best-informed (yet), would be a worthwhile investment. I’ve worked with iFi for a long time and am, jokes aside, grateful for their vote of confidence.

I am new to this space and would like to acknowledge that up front. I have heard a lot of high-end systems, speakers included, but this is certainly the area of audio where my purview is most limited. I’ve spent a (very) long review period with these speakers, in an effort to spend a bit more time thinking about my decisions than usual. However, I lack the corpus of comparison points which I have for headphones, amps, DACs, and the like. This is something I can only develop over time, through experience. So here’s to it!

Fit and Form

We’ll see how well this format fits the new content area and I’ll certainly adapt it over time, where necessary, but I wanted to start with the familiar.

These speakers are, to my taste, beautiful. Irrespective of taste, they are unarguably well-built. They’re constructed from bamboo, as is the accompanying amplifier, with perfect seams and not a single manufacturing error, to my eye.