A lot of listeners and fans of BROCKHAMPTON who tend towards Spotify, Google Play, and other streaming services for their listening (no harm in that) may be wondering to what the title of this review refers. The group released a box set, which featured 4 CDs and a DVD - obviously included was the full SATURATION trilogy. Also included was a documentary about the making of the trilogy. The fourth CD is called, "DRAFTS". It features the original versions of many songs that ended up being changed considerably in their release on their respective albums, demoes, unnamed tracks that never made it onto albums, and other unreleased work.

If this sounds as appetizing to you as it did to me, although it isn't on any streaming services, I'm sure that a bit of Googling and link-following can find you some hosted version of it. In case it wasn't obvious by my tone, I very, very highly recommend finding a way to listen to the album.

It's almost surreal to hear the same lyrics as songs that I know and love from the trilogy with entirely different beats, tempos, and atmospheres. Depending on the track, I found myself either happy, sad, or occasionally neutral about these changes, but I find it very valuable to have access to this kind of resource, in the context of the group's musical development.

Beyond the reworked tracks, many of the demoes and unreleased music reach into experimental and new areas for the group, and while it was cut from release in the end, there is much more diversity in this album than I have seen in any or all of the SATURATION trilogy, otherwise. Some of the tracks are hardly even hip-hop, but all of it is far from bad. 10/10, not entirely for the music, because any musical flaws are compensated by the decision within BROCKHAMPTON to release this music in the end, and fill out any holes left in the SATURATION trilogy.